7 Reasons to Sell a Home in Winter

Kelly Shaw

7 Reasons to Sell a Home in Winter

Listing a St. Louis area home for sale in the winter isn’t a crazy idea. In fact, it can be a brilliant plan. There are particular advantages to selling in the early months of the year. Here are some of them.

  1. The spring market starts in January.
    Homebuyers are looking to see what is out there and home sellers are listing homes. If you are thinking of listing in spring, January is the time to meet with an agent and created a detailed plan to sell your home for the most money.

  2. Despite the temperatures, the market is still hot. Really.
    With the U.S. now experiencing a 30-year low of home inventory*, there is still plenty of competition for homebuyers to purchase that perfect home. Some homebuyers haven’t found their dream home in 2017 and are still waiting for that perfect home to hit the market. That home could be yours.

  3. Fewer homes to compete with.
    Like the temperatures, the inventory of homes for sale is lower in the winter. Meanwhile there are still qualified buyers needing homes. Most buyers don’t like competition, and even though it seems there isn’t a lot of competition for homes, there is. Meaning, everyone knows the spring market is hot, but the winter market is just as hot because you have less inventory and more buyers. 

  4. First quarter job transfers.
    The first quarter of the year is common time for companies to make employee transfers. If your home hits the market in January, these homebuyers will see it.

  5. Buyers want to take advantage of still-low rates.
    The Fed has already announced a small interest rate increase and plan to make several more throughout 2018. Smart homebuyers can save thousands by purchasing a home before rates rise.

  6. Motivated buyers.
    People shopping for a home in the winter months are not your summertime looky-loos. If they are getting out in the cold whether to attend an open house or view a home for sale, they are serious about home buying.

  7. Faster home sale process.
    When the title companies, mortgage loan officers, home inspectors and other real estate industry servicers are less busy, you get more attention from them. This means you’ll get better, faster service for many things throughout the entire home sale process.

Thinking of selling your St. Louis area home? Don’t let the winter season hold you back. In fact, it’s a great time to sell and the best time to start taking advantage of the spring market. Contact Kelly Shaw Team if you’re thinking of listing a home. We’ll educate you on the process and help you determine the best approach to get the highest value.






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